About Journey Spiritual Craft

As a brand of EnergyGold Corp. and as one of the pioneering and trusted exclusive distributor of religious and imported products from the Holy Land, Journey Spiritual Craft is an innovator in the industry by bringing carefully selected quality products to cater to the Philippine Market. Since its establishment, the business have experienced continued and progressive growth both internally and through the acquisition of satisfied clients all over the country as well as in Australia and across Southeast Asia including Korea and Japan.

Today, Journey Spiritual Craft is proud to introduce another quality product produced in the Holy Land. Based from Jerusalem, Israel, the brand Authentica is a series of hand-made works of art that features dedication to spirituality made from the highest grade of natural materials. Through recent innovations and to facilitate huge demands it has developed methods that enable large-scale production and rapid supply of large quantities, without compromising the quality of its products.

Years of experience with this unique category of gifts have clearly demonstrated the great commercial potential of the brand. The world-view and orientation of Authentica to their customers gives its creations a distinct advantage over other products in this market segment. These products have proven themselves over the last decade and a half with constantly increasing sales.