Hanukkiyah Antique Pendant
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✓ Artist made (Handmade)
✓ Blessed religious article
✓ Comes with pillow box packaging
✓ Best quality at an affordable price
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Fashion evolved throughout the years and it keeps on evolving. But somehow, a lot of women stayed to be with the old style to keep their belief and not compromise it, however Journey Spiritual Crafts thought that combining the hype in fashion and belief would be a great idea. In this way, this was the born of this Hannukkiyah Pendant. This hanukkiyah is a candlestick with eight candleholders in succession is to believe that a very sacred religious symbol in Ancient times. The reason behind these eight candles is that Jewish people keep those candles alight for eight days celebrating their impenetrable spirit and devotion. So take your devotion to God deeper than before by wearing this stunning and very fashionable Hannukikiyah pendant. Highlight your everyday’s fashion by keeping the candles alight around your neck. Never miss the opportunity in getting this pendant at its best quality at an affordable price. Perfectly handmade and polished by a professional artist, that comes with a pillow box packaging.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Journey Spiritual Cross
SKU H0098A
Item Type Pendant
Gender Men and Women
Material Nickel Silver Finishing
Size 8.5x3x8.5
Weight 2.3g

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