Oren Sagi - Artist of Journey Spiritual Craft
- Oren Sagi, Journey Spiritual Craft Artist

Oren Sagi, The Artist of Authentica Holy Land Crafts

Parents or guardians often times are quick to learn that their children has gifts or talents. From the minute they touch and control different materials, transforming them into propelled artistic manifestations. That is the way it was with Oren Sagi: even as a young, he was bending, painting and consolidating different materials. As he got to be familiar with more materials, his interest was lighted and he started searching out and investigating different materials from around the globe. In the course of the most recent 2 decades, Oren has had some expertise in manifestations that join blown-glass with metal.

Together, these two materials, so not quite the same as each other, get to be brought together imaginative manifestations. In his works, Oren incorporates profoundly typical components, for example, oil, earth and water, all chose from the choicest areas of the Holy Land. Oren makes everything by hand, with watchful regard for the littlest points of interest and the finest conceivable completion. However, every work is marginally not the same as the others – the individual sign of the craftsman

Oren blows every glass bottle in our unassuming studio, and his significant other, Orly, painstakingly fills it with one of the three components that form its entire: water from the Jordan River, olive oil from the Galilee Mountains, or Holy land soil. Every thing is special in appearance as an aftereffect of being handmade.

This bit of most profound sense of being serves as both a gatherer's piece and a private, close one, permitting its proprietor to do with and consider it to be he wishes. Amid the time we've been honing our specialty there have been stories all through the universe of true heart wishes that have worked out in light of this novel thing. It has been informed that making such a desire while holding it together with a nearby, adoring individual has satisfied it.

Each given second, somebody, some place is holding something close, shutting his or her eyes and longing for themselves or for their friends and family. Every single one of us commends his or her own bit of inward conviction. Making a desire is an individual presentation that mirrors all men. Any of us may hold to our own measure of internal most profound sense of being.